Steve Lacy’s Latest Tour Mishap Involved A Faulty Smoke Machine: ‘They Trying To Kill Me, Y’all’

Steve Lacy might already be an industry veteran at just 24 years old, but he’s still new to all the attention having a viral hit can bring. Unfortunately, his newfound fame hasn’t been kind to him at all, as his Give You The World North American tour has been more eventful than he probably planned, to say the least.

After a video of fans at one tour stop not knowing the words to his biggest hit, “Bad Habit,” went viral, his New Orleans concert was cut short when a fan threw a disposable camera at him, just seconds after he asked the concertgoers to stop throwing things on stage. A video of him smashing that camera also went viral, but he didn’t think he needed to apologize for it.

And now, in another instance of historically bad luck, yet another video has emerged of something going wrong for him. This time, in the middle of a singalong for his 2017 track “Some,” an overenthusiastic smoke machine sent him into a coughing fit as he semi-joked, “They trying to kill me, y’all!” As one fan who shared the video quipped, “Steve Lacy should just cancel his tour at this point.”

While I’m sure no one really wants him to do that, let’s just hope that all the toughest breaks of his tour are behind him, so he can just focus on putting on a good show and enjoying all his recent success.