Street Smartz

“Almost anything you wanna know, you can talk to me
But if you wanna see it… walk wit me”

DA Smart – Walk Wit Me
(From Walk Wit Me CD single; 1997/YouTube; 2011)

Hat tip to Mic Terror for hippin’ me to this Chicago classic. Essentially, it’s a walk-thru tour guide of Chi-Town’s roughest neighbourhoods with production by Legendary Traxster. The devils are in the details here, so this is a very vivid song for outsiders which was/is probably very useful to hometowners. Evidently Walk Wit Me still rings bells as a Danger Zones For Dummies audio-manual since the song dropped in 1997, got blessed with a video in 2011, and now sits at a couple of million views. Thus, DA Smart was the O.G Mr. Chi City.

DA Smart gotta be the only husky Chicago blk guy who kinda sounds like Yelawolf?