Styles P Announces He Will Retire As A Solo Artist In 2023: ‘I Think I Gave Y’all Enough’

Styles P of The LOX is apparently planning his retirement as a solo artist next year. In an Instagram post, Styles shared an image of text, revealing his plans to step away as the owner of his business, Juices For Life, and to call it quits as a solo act.

“I will be retiring late 2023 as far as my solo career is concerned,” He said. “I have two more solo projects for y’all and I’m Out!!! I’ll be on deck for all things LOX music, shows etccc.”

In the post’s caption, Styles elaborated, saying that he plans to prioritize his mental health, as well as his health product business, Farmacy For Life.

“I have noticed I have become less spiritually healthy than I used to be,” he said. “I believe I have run myself down a tad bit over the past few years. Being a super hard working emcee and a health advocate. For one, I’m not really that great at multi tasking it’s actually my drive that keeps me going and that slack falls back on my family, business partners and co workers. I thought about it harder and came to the conclusion that I need to walk away from my solo career period ( I think I gave y’all enough ). I will just do LOX sh*t and a feature here and there if it moves me.”

In other news, Styles shared that he is planning to become a board member of organizations, and to launch other ventures, both of which, he says he is not “at liberty” to discuss at the moment.

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