‘Succession’ Viewers Were Here For The Knock-Down, Drag-Out Fights During This Week’s ‘Tailgate Party’


Last week’s Succession began with a Logan Roy jumpscare, and this week, the siblings began by attempting to not screw the entire media empire up. Well, except for Shiv, who was playing both sides by giving Lukas Matsson the inside scoops ahead of the takeover closure. Some damaging information about Matsson (who’s apparently not even a coder, via his head of comms) and his financials did slip out, but amid that valuable insight, everyone in this show was fighting.

Beyond Kendall’s semi-showdown with Matsson (and not everything came out there), three big arguments stood out, and viewers were both fueled and destroyed by them. First, we received a Rava sighting, and she read Kendall the riot act over what a terrible parent he is: “I was raising our daughter while you were f*cking running a racist news organization.” Rava might be the character on this show who’s most capable of speaking the truth.

Next up? Gerri telling Roman how it’s gonna be after he attempted to pretend that he didn’t really fire her, and if he doesn’t let her control her own narrative: “I will sue and go public… with the many, many pictures of your genitalia.”

And finally, we have the “scorpion” (Shiv) and the “snake” (Tom). The episode began with them enjoying breakfast amid their sexual reunion, but then Tom broke out the most subliminally toxic present he could manage.

The peace could never last. The scorpion ended up being foreshadowing for when those stingers came out in a balcony fight. Years of their pent-up anger spilled out with the betrayal and the almost-prison sentence in the mix, along with Shiv’s accusation of him “f*cking me for my DNA.” It was exhausting to witness, but break out the Emmys already.

HBO’s Succession airs on Sundays at 9:00pm EST.