‘Succession’ Viewers Were Reeling From The Gut Punches Of This Week’s Rollercoaster Episode


SPOILERS from this week’s Succession will be found below.

On Succession, Roy family celebrations have not been the most stellar occasions this season, what with the sad karaoke and the sh*tty birthday party, and this week, a hell of an opener made people even more upset after Logan lured Roman back to the dark side. In other words, yes, Logan was already both punishing Roman already and testing his loyalty by having him fire Gerri. And then, right when the audience felt worked up and furious at Logan while wanting him to go to Hell, it seemed that Logan was literally going to Hell. As in, he was dying. What a whirlwind set of emotions this spawned.

Let’s start from the beginning. Logan pulled a dirty dog move by making Roman deliver atrocious news to Gerri after that d*ck pic disaster, which had disgusted the Roy patriarch more when it came to Gerri (who merely received those unsolicited pictures) than about Roman (who obviously sent them).

People quickly began wishing that Logan would, you know, suffer for this.

Very quickly, however, a call from Tom revealed — and the situation seemed shady at first — that Logan fell gravely ill due to an apparent heart attack, and chest compressions began. For several minutes, Logan’s body did not appear on camera. Could this have been a ruse, some wondered? Real or not, some people (but not everyone) already began to celebrate.

And then the Roy kids’ reactions — and as Logan’s death proved to be genuine — caused a real turn in emotions. The more conflicted Kendall and guilty-seeming Roman (for different reasons), and the genuinely devastated Shiv, all of it hit hard. Yes, the tears began.

They did, eventually, show Logan’s body on the plane floor, shortly before he was declared to be dead. Gerri, however, might deserve the last word here (and she sure showed Roman how she felt).

HBO’s Succession airs on Sunday nights at 9:00pm EST.