Take It To Ya Mouth

“F*ck dat n*gga, he ain’t got no motion
That ain’t his money on the ‘gram he postin’
N*gga been a joke, but a bitch ain’t jokin’
Tryna come back, what the f*ck you smokin’?”

iCandy – Keep Dat N*gga
(From Keep Dat N*gga single; 2023)

Exactly what I want from my 2023 viral Pop-Rap. One song which scratches two itches for me: a lass talking shit and a My Boogie Shoes sample. Somewhat of a lazy nostalgia-bait sample you might argue, but I don’t even care because My Boogie Shoes is a de facto top three song on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. Actual factz: My Boogie Shoes shoulda been three minutes longer, while Disco Inferno shoulda been three minutes shorter.

KC & The Sunshine Band – My Boogie Shoes
(From Saturday Night Fever soundtrack; 1977)