Terry Presume Delivers A Surreal Video For His Electrifying New Track, ‘ZaZa And Some Runtz’

Multitalented act Terry Presume arrives with a brand new visual for his latest track, “ZaZa And Some Runtz.” The video finds the Nashville-based singer on the other side of the country, in Los Angeles, for the surreal new effort. It also captures how Presume perceives his world when he’s heads above the clouds thanks to some help from an evergreen substance.

Presume, who also doubles as a rapper and a producer, shows his versatility and ability to master an array of different songs with the new single and video which is directed by Spencer Ford, who has also done work with Brockhampton, Jawny and St. Felix.

Presume’s start in music began as a child with his single mother in their Naples, FL home. There, the singer enjoyed music from the likes of 50 Cent, Eminem, and a bunch of classic R&B records. At the age of eight, he began writing poems and three years later he taught himself how to write and produce music.

“ZaZa And Some Runtz” arrives after he dropped “Did Me Wrong” last month. The April release found him reminiscing on a past lover while moping through the city streets as he reflects on the status of his current life.

“I can see you wanted more, the words appear on your face,” he raps. “I’m always up, you always down now we in two different states.”

You can watch the video for “ZaZa And Some Runtz” above.