Teyana Taylor’s ‘Last Rose Petal 2’ Farewell Tour Gives Fans Another Chance To Say Their Goodbyes

At the end of 2020, Teyana Taylor announced her retirement from the music industry after airing out her frustrations with her label Def Jam. The announcement came after she released her third album The Album which stood as one of the better R&B projects in 2020. Some wondered if they would receive a chance to say goodbye to the beloved singer, and Teyana gave them that with The Last Rose Petal tour last fall. That tour came to a close at the end of November 2021 which insinuated that Teyana’s retirement would begin, but as we now know, that is not the case.

On Tuesday, Teyana announced that she will once again hit the road thanks to The Last Rose Petal 2 tour. In a post about the new tour, Teyana explained her decision to head out on the road again. “TLRP2 is for all the cities that I did not get to hit during part 1,” she wrote. “However If you see a city on part 2 that I already did in part 1 those cites are getting encores because the venues was not big enough to hold the amount of people that showed up.”

The Last Rose Part 2 tour will begin June 19 in Washington DC with the Something In The Water Festival. Almost two months later, things will resume with a show in Los Angeles and The Last Rose Part 2 tour will continue for a little over a month before coming to an end on September 8 in Paris.

You can check out the full list of dates in the post above. Tickets will go on sale this Friday 5/6 and they can be purchased here.