The Best New Hip-Hop This Week

The best new hip-hop this week includes albums, videos, and songs from Hit-Boy, Sada Baby, Rubi Rose and more.

We know some big albums are coming over the next few weeks, so it seems the major acts took a beat this week. Still, there’s plenty of gems to dig into. Hit-Boy dazzles lyrically, Sada Baby brings the energy, and Big Jade and Kali hold it down for the women.

Here is the best of hip-hop this week ending June 10, 2022.


YGTUT — In My Head

YGTUT In My Head

YGTUT’s In My Head combines a lot of different sounds. “Dolla Sign$” featuring Michael Da Vinci is a flex, “Conceited / Ego Talk” is moody, and “Smile” is a ballad loaded with hearty, soulful vocals and uplifting bars. Whatever doubts you have may very well just be in your head.

Sada Baby — Skuba Sada 2.5

Sada Baby Skuba Sada 2.5
Sada Baby

Sada Baby has a special charm, which makes Skuba Sada 2.5 an easy choice to listen to. He always has something funny to say, and a myriad of fun guest stars add to the experience: Snoop Dogg, Hit-Boy, Big Sean, and Nicki Minaj for the popular “Whole Lotta Choppas” Remix.

Since99 — Punch-Ins & Parlays

Since99 Punch Ins & Parlays

The title alone captured me here. As a creator, I can relate to doing what I love to do but trying to make some extra bucks through FanDuel. Since99 opts to use no features here, rapping with aggression on “Mine 2” and even paying homage to former NBA Champion Norris Cole. If you can get past the funny voice, there’s some quality here.

Lil Darkie — The Small Dark One

Lil Darkie The Small Dark One
Lil Darkie

Lil Darkie keeps things short on The Small Dark One but captures the ears right from the beginning with “Go!” If you have ever sought out a different type of rap than what is popular today, here are some screamo bars for you. “Bam!” is especially jarring.


Hit-Boy x Dom Kennedy — “Corsa”

Hit-Boy has been on the run of a lifetime, and certainly, his hotline continues to bling for beat requests. However, the multi-talented producer has also been trying to further his own rap endeavors. “Corsa” finds Hit returning to a familiar place, joining forces with Dom Kennedy to flex their jewels, eat a fancy dinner, and enjoy the company of beautiful women. Doing the most isn’t so bad when you’ve got it like them.

B-Lovee ft. Coi Leray — “Demon”

Coi Leray wants a man from New York and admits to being a demon while B-Lovee is chained up. Yep, the song is aptly named. However, B-Lovee can’t stay tied down for long. He gets his moments of freedom to spit his verse and inform people that he is, in fact, a sav age.

Rubi Rose — “Wifey”

Rubi Rose’s “Wifey” video opens with two women hating on her OnlyFans content only to be starstruck and request a selfie when the artist ends up on the same block as them. As if being a woman of the people isn’t enough, the rest of the visual is Rubi washing a car with a few twerk breaks spaced throughout the activity. People get married for less, she can claim “Wifey.”

Mike Dimes ft. JID — “Home” Remix

Mike Dimes and JID are the perfect storm on “Home.” Dimes takes a more laid back approach to the triumphant beat, while JID picks up the pace in the middle of his verse with a myriad of fun rhyme schemes. You’ll come for a calm flex, and stay for the lyrical gymnastics. You can’t lose.

27Delly ft. Cash Cobain — “Super Bizzy”

27 Delly has a knack for fun music videos and reinventing himself. In “Super Bizzy,” he plays a successful businessman attending the stock exchange. He raps about shots of D’usse and Ace Of Spades, displaying the duality within the New York rapper. Cash Cobain adds in a confident verse as well.

Ron Suno ft. Rowdy Rebel — “What They Gon Say”

It sounds like Ron Suno and Rowdy Rebel were watching Spongebob and challenged themselves to rap over a random sound from the show. In “What They Gon Say” the disjointed violin behind their rapid fire bars create a chaotic yet fun experience. This is genuinely some of the best rapping from Suno and Rebel.

Cochise — “Turn It Up”

In case it is unclear, Cochise wants you to “Turn It Up” here. A hair-raising drum pattern and extension of his vocals with the autotune backing makes this something perfect for the car ride to a pregame. Not to mention, Cochise has some shape-shifting flows here. Pretty impressive. The traffic light that appears here and there showing the walk sign is a nice touch.

Yung Gravy — “Betty”

Yung Gravy samples “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley for this bright track. “Betty” has a tinge of soul to it, but is also a bit humorous just due to how well the sample is executed. Those in the know are aware he has a knack for this, but “Betty” in particular of as fluid is Yung Gravy’s name.

Ease The Don ft. Steelz and Nikeboy — “Gotta Rep”

This week’s West Coast offering comes from Ease The Done, Steelz, and Nikeboy. “Gotta Rep” is anthemic, with the guys denouncing broke women, rejecting emotional attachment, and avoiding drama. There are bigger things to focus on for the trio.

Big Jade ft. Peso Peso — “Pesos”

You can’t have too many get money anthems. Big Jade and Peso Peso flaunt their earnings inside and outside of the trap. Their haters don’t matter as long as the dollar signs keep multiplying on this upbeat bop.

Kali — “FNF Freestyle”

It’s an FNF (F*ck N**** Free) Summer according to Glorilla and Hitkidd and many are joining the movement. We have seen Erica Banks and Renni Rucci take on the frantic beat, and this week it’s Kali’s turn. The video opens with a man being lambasted for women contacting his partner about what he’s been doing, and then the ladies form like voltron to live their best lives. Fellas, be smart and be safe.

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