The Biggest Takeaways We Have After ‘Snowfall’ Season 6, Episode 1

WARNING: Spoilers for this week’s episode of Snowfall will be found below.

Nearly a year to the date of episode five’s first episode, Snowfall has made its return for its sixth and final season, and for the inaugural episode, things are a lot different. At its best, the Saint family thrived as a unit and sought to build up their drug operation in Los Angeles, and at its worst, they went down different paths without interfering with each other’s goals. Now, they’re far from aligned or even civil. At the end of season five, Franklin learns that Teddy stole $73 million from him, and in a desperate attempt to stay afloat, Franklin meets with Louie to ask for help. His request is denied, but instead of looking elsewhere, he instead robs Jerome and Louie of their money and drug supply — which totaled out to $3.4 million.

Season six, episode one, titled “Fallout,” picks up right at the aftermath of Franklin’s brave and extremely gutsy decision. With that, things are much different. These days, Franklin seems to only trust Black Diamond and Dallas as they drive him around to and from meetings and drug exchanges. He also has a stash house for the drugs in a location that only he and his girlfriend Veronique know. Jerome and Louie, on the other hand, are left to pick up the pieces of what’s left of their possession. They reach out to Franklin in order to get back what’s theirs, but they’re dared to go to whatever lengths they deserve to attempt to get their money back. As we see at the end of “Fallout,” Jerome has no issue with that. If Franklin wasn’t at war with Jerome and Louie before, he sure is now.

Here are some of the biggest takeaways that we have after season six’s episode one, “Fallout.”

Franklin Is More Alone Than Ever — And More Desperate

In a recent interview conducted by Andre Gee from Rolling Stone, Damson Idris spoke about his character Franklin Saint and what to expect from him in season six. “He truly is isolated and one by one the people that love him are turning their backs on him,” he said. “And he’s now a cat in the corner who has to strike.” In “Fallout,” that couldn’t be more evident. The sweet and charismatic Franklin is no more and replacing him is a man dead set on getting back what is his. Along with the loss of his massive fortune, Franklin also experienced the loss of trust and family-like support. Jerome and Louie are no longer on his side. His mother Cissy seeks to bring the drug operation down. Teddy is at the center of this mess, and certainly not on Franklin’s side. So as Franklin sees his enemies close in on him in that corner, it’s more important than ever that he strikes first. In a moment like this, there’s not much time to devise a plan. Desperation, determination, and force are Franklin’s best friends for the immediate future.

Nobody Wins When The Family Feuds

If you examine the current dynamic of the Saint family, you may be able to argue which side is in the wrong and which is in the right. However, this is a story of the 1980s crack epidemic in Los Angeles, these battles are nothing but small skirmishes in the grand scheme of things. Franklin’s growing war with Jerome and Louie will hurt both sides just as much as it hurts those on the outside. Bodies will drop, money will be lost, and more drugs may be stolen, but the smoke from it all will only attract attention they don’t want and lead to their downfall. With this being the end of Snowfall, it can be assumed that the parties within the Saint empire will come to some sort of an end, but the way things are going, it may get much worse before the flames are put out.

'Snowfall' S6 E1 Cissy
Ray Mickshaw/FX

Pain Leads To Anger And Anger Leads To Pain

Franklin’s decision to rob Jerome and Louie certainly came from a place of desperation, but it also came from one of hurt. Sure, his pride won’t let him admit that, but his family’s refusal to help him at arguably his lowest point brings a pain that shouldn’t be underestimated in the slightest bit. That hurt brought the anger that fuels his decision to steal from them and dare Jerome to go to whatever lengths he feels necessary to get back what was once him. The anger of that very interaction fuels Jerome’s next move, one where he connects with Beau and his LAPD buddies to pull over Black Diamond and Dallas and steal the money that they were bringing back to Franklin, but it doesn’t end there. Jerome brutally attacks Black Diamond for failing to share the location of Franklin’s new stash spot despite her and Dallas repeatedly saying that they do not know where it is. The pain you harbor within can lead to anger taken out on others just like the anger harbored within can lead to the pain inflicted on others. It’s a cycle that’s been seen in more places than one, and it’s just getting underway in Snowfall season six.

Stay Dangerous

The ending of “Fallout” should let you know that the worst is yet to come. Franklin will retaliate and Jerome and Louie will defend themselves — and vice versa. In their glory days, Franklin, Jerome, and Louie, as well as others, were each other’s protection. Now, not only are they with limited help, they’re more vulnerable than ever. This isn’t a war with someone from a neighboring section, this is one with family. The very people that know you just as well, if not better than you know yourself. They might be able to predict your slip-ups and be there when you fall, not to save you, but to ensure the damage is worse than it would’ve been. Franklin, Jerome, and Louie will all have to keep their heads on a swivel more than they ever did before, but it doesn’t only go for them. As shown through Jerome’s attack on Black Diamond and Dallas, associates on both sides are going to have to tighten up and stay two steps ahead of the other side, in order to make it to the other side.

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