The Dare Is Here For A ‘Good Time,’ Not A Long Time, On His Darker New Single


The Dare, Harrison Patrick Smith’s solo project, is back with a brand new song, “Good Time,” on the heels of his massive debut 2022 single, “Girls.” Opening with an attention-grabbing and fuzzy electronic instrumental, things eventually kick off with a click as he encourages listeners to “have some fun tonight.”

“Oh, come on, let’s turn the lights out,” Smith repeats in the verse before lowering his voice for the chorus. “Girl, I got no money / You got no money / We’ve got a good time.” Interspersed with rocking screams, it’s likely that this song will carry the craziest of parties throughout this year. And he seems to agree.

“‘Good Time’ represents the darker side of hedonism,’ Smith described about the song in a statement. “The hangover to the celebration of ‘Girls.’ It’s about trying to have fun when everything is f*cked up, and failing.”

As Smith told Uproxx last year, he hopes to continue the popular revival of indie sleaze.

“There’s a feeling of optimism and openness in underground music from that time that I feel faded into genre camps again in the mid 2010s,” he said. “I wanna bring that feeling back.” The musician also described his sound as “cheeky, fun, sexy, and punk.”

Check out The Dare’s new song “Good Time” here.