The Game Weighs In On The Use Of Lyrics Young Thug’s RICO Case: ‘I Think That’s Bullsh*t’

Ever since being arrested last month on charges of racketeering, Young Thug has received plenty of support from the rap community — even from unexpected sources, like YFN Lucci‘s lawyer, who called the RICO case against Thug “racist.” The latest of Thug’s peers to weigh in on the ongoing case is The Game. The Compton rapper appeared on Complex with Speedy Morman where he discussed a number of topics, including the case against Young Thug and YSL Records and the use of lyrics as evidence in it.

“I think it’s bullsh*t,” he said, with no equivocation. “Because when Sylvester Stallone plays Rambo, and he’s shooting up motherf*ckers, get in trouble in real life, they not gon’ bring up Rambo 1 through 5, and be like, ‘You’ve been violent your whole career.’ It’s entertainment. And these days, a lot of rappers are cappin’ in their music — I’m not saying that Gunna and Thug are — … but there needs to be a law passed where they cannot use rappers’ “entertainment” lyrics in a court case.”

There’s good news for him on that front; the state of New York is getting nearer to passing a law limiting the use of lyrics in criminal trials — and others, from Jay-Z to Bobby Shmurda, support its adoption nationwide.

Young Thug is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.