The ‘Look At Me: XXXTentacion’ Trailer Examines A Polarizing Subject

The trailer for the long-awaited documentary, Look At Me: XXXTentacion, has arrived. First announced in 2019, the documentary will finally land on Hulu on May 26, moving the date up by several weeks. The documentary promises to delve into not just the late rapper’s meteoric rise to fame but also the fallout from his abuse of ex-girlfriend Geneva Ayala. In the trailer, those who knew him best — his mother, his manager, and his friends — weigh in on the elements of his personality that made him both charismatic and self-destructive.

XXXTentacion’s death at 20 years of age in 2018 left behind a complicated legacy. Obviously, lots of people loved his music and felt as though he spoke for them. Equally as obviously, he’d done plenty of harm in even the short time that he had, from a homophobic attack on a cellmate to the horrific abuse he inflicted on Ayala. The polarizing rapper was never held to account for that abuse, with his case getting closed as a result of his death. That leaves some pretty heavy questions hanging over his name and image — questions that many will look to this documentary to resolve. While they may not find the answers they want, there’s little question that they’ll be tuning in.

Watch the Look At Me: XXXTentacion trailer above.