The R. Kelly Fan Charged With Threatening Court Officials Pleads Not Guilty

The R. Kelly fan who was arrested last month for making threats against court officials during the singer’s trial has pled “not guilty” to a charge of making threats involving serious bodily injury or death, according to Billboard. The man, Christopher Gunn, posted YouTube videos in which he said he and unidentified others were “going to storm they office” as he flashed an image of the US Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn and named three prosecutors in the case. “[I]f you ain’t got the stomach for the sh-t we bout to do, I’m asking that you just bail out,” he says in the video.

Gunn also allegedly accepted payment for ammunition via CashApp, with users tagging their transactions with captions such as “30 rounds.. free R kelly.”

R. Kelly’s trial last September ended with the disgraced singer convicted of racketeering and sex trafficking. He was sentenced last month to 30 years in prison, as well as extensive stipulations overseeing his release. He’s due to go back on trial next month, this time in his home state, Illinois, on child pornography charges. He was put on suicide watch shortly after the sentencing, but was later removed after he sued the Brooklyn jail in which he’s currently incarcerated.