The Reporter Who Did The Awfully Awkward Oscars Interview With Hugh Grant Had A Succinct Response To His Indifference


This year’s Oscars were a feel-good, slap-free affair, short on controversy or shocks. Even a lot of the wins were straight-up heartwarming. Not all was peaceful. Some didn’t care for host Jimmy Kimmel’s odd Robert Blake joke. The In Memoriam segment featured a ton of glaring omissions. One of the strangest things happened before the red show, on the red carpet, when a reporter tried — and failed — to get Hugh Grant to care about being interviewed. Now she’s responding.

The erstwhile Paddington baddie was very clearly not in the mood for light banter when engaged by model-turned-red carpet interviewer Ashley Graham. She asked him some very basic awards show questions. He was powerfully disinterested. When asked what he likes about attending the Oscars, he stammered for several seconds, then made some vaguely sarcastic to Thackeray’s Vanity Fair. Was he rooting for anyone to win? Nope. Who was he wearing? “I can’t remember my tailor,” he replied. What about being in Glass Onion? He pointed out that he was in it for about three seconds.

Throughout the encounter, Graham was a trooper, consistently pleasant with him, and she gave him four tries before politely sending him on his way. When asked about the run-in by TMZ the following day, she had a succinct response. “You know what, my mama told me to kill people with kindness,” she replied. “So there you go.”

Lesson being: If Hugh Grant clearly doesn’t want to talk to you, just take the high road, smile, and try to let him ditch you as soon as it’s polite to do so.

(Via TMZ and The Daily Beast)