“Thug Love (T.L.)”: A Groundbreaking Collaboration by 2051 Paper, BAI, & SG BlackBoy

Atlanta’s prestigious music label, FTR Records, has introduced raw Hip Hop talents through their latest release, “Thug Love (T.L.).” BAI, SG Blackboy Cal, and 2051 Paper, team up to deliver an exceptional and unique sound that integrates old school R&B with new age Hip Hop, pushing and changing the face of the genre with their unconventional styles.

2051 Paper, who is well known for hits like “OODLES & NOODLES” and “Even,” along with talented rapper SG BlackBoy Cal, complement BAI’s compelling voice, bringing a perfect flow and energy to “Thug Love (T.L.)”. The song starts off with a bang, featuring an impeccable harmony between the three, portraying a beautiful yet broken modern-day love story.

BAI’s outstanding vocal performance in “Thug Love (T.L.)” showcases a style that transports listeners back to the old-school R&B and Hip Hop era. Her voice perfectly captures the uncertainty, suspicion, and obsession that often accompany modern relationships. In the lyrics, “I’ll be trip trip trippin’, cause I can see how you love me so easy, don’t think I can handle the pain if you leave me, I’ve been giving you my all, please believe me,” BAI’s vulnerability and emotions are palpable.

2051 Paper, BAI, and SG BlackBoy Cal have tremendous potential for the future of the Hip Hop scene. FTR Records’ support of this new generation of local talent sets the foundation for the rap industry to continue to grow and evolve. “Thug Love (T.L.)” is the ultimate combination of new and old Hip Hop, destined to make a significant impact in the music industry.

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