‘To Each His Own Chair’ Exhibition Celebrates Uppercut’s First Anniversary


To celebrate the first anniversary of Uppercut, the gallery is hosting a unique exhibition during Antwerp Art Weekend from May 17 to 19. Titled To Each His Own, this show features 24 chairs, each representing an hour of the day and showcases the evolution of chair design by Europe-based designers and artists.

The exhibition captures the spirit and innovation of modern European design, presenting a variety of styles and materials. Highlights include LS Gomma‘s RM Chair in mesh steel and rubber, Argot Studio’s Contour Chair made from corn starch-derived polylactic acid and Natalia Criado’s Sgabello Perlina, which combines aluminum, cedar, and foam spheres. Tino Seubert’s Allègre Chair, crafted from mirror-polished steel and woven cotton, adds a touch of elegance, while Niveau Zero Atelier’s Soc Soil Armchair features aluminum and argile.

Visitors will also see unique creations like Teun Zwet’s Splited Dining Chair, made from recycled wood and epoxy as well as the collaborative Polly series by Serban Ionescu and Tom Volkaert that’s crafted from wood, spray paint, metal and epoxy resin. This exhibition not only pays homage to the tradition of chair design but also pushes the boundaries of contemporary aesthetics.

Turnhoutsebaan 277
Antwerpen, België

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