Tobe Nwigwe Dances Over A Grave In The New ‘Head To Hades’ Music Video

Tobe Nwigwe‘s “Head To Hades” is relentlessly infectious and witty. Out today, the new song comes with a music video of the same caliber. It finds the camera looking up at the rapper and his entourage from a grave plot as they surround the edges and dance. It’s both unsettling and hilarious, which is the perfect vibe for the track. It also features Royce Da 5’9” and Foggieraw to make it even bigger.

As usual, Nwigwe’s flow is almost philosophical in its eloquence and contemplation: “Most measure man’s worth, but what brings pleasure? / I endeavor to add some feathers on the wings of those transgressors that feel lesser / And can’t quite apply the pressure to the esophagus of they oppressor,” he raps.

“Head To Hades” follows his recent song “Mini Me,” which came with a similar video, in which he led a group in dance in a garden, joined eventually by his wife, Fat, as well as Dame D.O.L.L.A. Over the summer, he also unveiled the track “Passing Through,” with wrestled with similar themes, such as heaven. Spirituality and mortality tend to shine through in his work, especially with all of the new material this year.

Watch the video for “Head To Hades” above.