Tokimonsta, Bibi Bourelly and Jean Deaux take over a space dojo in 'One Day' video

Ahead of Tokimonsta’s upcoming album, Oasis Nocturno.

Tokimonsta has shared a music video for her latest single ‘One Day’ featuring Bibi Bourelly and Jean Deaux.

The visual shows the trio overseeing and ultimately guiding a group of young Taekwondo students at a dojo set in outer space. Among the students’ technical showcase, Bourelly and Deaux sing about overcoming obstacles and other people’s doubts.

“Buried deep inside us is the will to overcome the most difficult hardships,” writes Tokimonsta in a statement. “As women, Bibi, Jean Deaux and I know how strong you have to be to push forward when no one believes in you. ‘One Day’ is dedicated to every person of every creed feeling life’s hardships, but not losing themselves to it. Our drive and our determination will guide us to the faint light at the end of the tunnel.”

‘One Day’ is the latest single from Tokimonsta’s upcoming album, Oasis Nocturno, following Earthgang collaboration ‘Fried for the Night’. The LP, which is due out on March 20, also features appearances from Sunni Colón, VanJess, Drew Love and Dumfoundead.

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