Travis Barker’s Daughter Alabama Shared A New Rap Snippet To TikTok, And Some Users Want Her To Quit, But She Doesn’t Give A F*ck


Blink-182 is in the midst of a massive comeback. But, the band’s revered drummer Travis Barker’s daughter Alabama’s career is just getting started. However, instead of following in her famous father’s rockstar footprints, the internet personality has lasered in on rap music. The nepo baby debate was stale, but the aspiring musician’s new snippet shared to TikTok might’ve just breathed new life into it.

In the 40-second clip, Alabama dropped a sample of what she’s been cooking up, rapping a whole verse and part of the forthcoming song’s chorus.

Opening with the first verse, Alabama raps, “When we ain’t together when I’m with him, he know that I’m the realest / Ain’t got no opposition all these b*tches in they feelings / But listen who the f*ck y’all talkin’ to / I’m Alabama get to know me I might spazz on you / I’m walking in its twenty b*tches starring yeah I’m cool / I know I smell so good it’s Baccarat and Van Cleef perfume / Treat me like ya momma /Drip me out in some designer / Ice me out like boy I’m wildin’ / You know the type of energy / Don’t treat me like its ten of me / You better not be texting treat your exes like they enemies.”

Before the video ends, Alabama shares a few seconds of the track’s melodic chorus, rapping, “Just pick up when I’m calling / you know my body / Don’t switch up when you got it / You know you got me / I’m out here riding shotty you right beside me / you feeling all up on me / He blow exotic.”

Several users drew comparisons to other social media figures turned musicians, including Matty B and an early Justin Bieber.

Another user commented, “Not feeling it,” to which Alabama replied, “Sounds personal.”

Others called Alabama out for cultural appropriation. Some chimed in to share that her father, Travis Barker, has publicly talked about his love for rap music. Barker even collaborated with a few rappers, including Lil Wayne, Trippie Redd, Paul Wall, The Game, and Run the Jewels. This isn’t Alabama’s first time sharing her music online. In April, she uploaded a teaser of her song, “Diamond In The Rough.”

But it wasn’t all negative. Several users shared words of encouragement with the teenager. “She’s still young. This is her creative phase. I hope she has fun and watches her boundaries and limits,” posted one user.

To clap back at the naysayers, Alabama recorded another video using a song clip of Nicki Minaj dunking on users that claim to hate her but watch everything she does online.

Alabama hasn’t released the track’s name or if it will ever be released publicly. But she’s made it clear that she isn’t going to stop because she does enjoy making music.

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