Tyga And His Wavy Baby Sneakers Will Appear Against Vans In The Federal Appeals Court

Tyga has been locked in a legal battle over his recent Wavy Baby sneaker collaboration with MSCHF since April, but it appears they may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Billboard reports The U.S Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has quickly approved an appeal submitted by the Brooklyn studio that assisted the “Taste” artist in making the shoe. On Wednesday, the court announced that the court would allow a quick challenge to a previous ruling that banned the sale of the sneakers because they look too much like Vans Old Skools.

MSCHF cited that the case was time-sensitive, as the ban infringed upon their First Amendment rights. “MSCHF is grateful that the Second Circuit granted its motion to expedite this appeal, which raises critical questions of the intersection of the First Amendment and trademark law,” stated David Bernstein, the company’s lawyer. “Given that MSCHF plans to display Wavy Baby at the Perrotin Gallery and at Art Basel this fall, it was essential that the appeal be expedited so that the Second Circuit can protect MSCHF’s First Amendment rights.”

The Second Circuit states the case will be fully briefed by mid-August and the ruling will come sometime after that. The Wavy Baby sneakers were originally set to release on April 18.