Tyga’s Over-The-Top ‘Ay Caramba’ Video Is Ridiculous In The Best Way

Over the past couple of years, it seems like Tyga has been on an ongoing quest to become the most popular ese in East LA. First, he popped up on YG’s “Go Loko” in 2019, and it seems he enjoyed the mariachi vibes so much, he kept going, following up with “Mamacita” (which also featured YG as well as the legend himself, Carlos Santana), then “Ayy Macarena” (featuring the duo responsible for the original monster hit, Los Del Rio), and now, he keeps the Latin party going with “Ay Caramba.” His latest Spanglish-accented single is accompanied by a video that can only truly be described as “ridiculous” — but in the best way.

Tyga in a fat suit? Check. Tyga with a foot-long mustache? Check. Tyga as a freaking luchador? Check. This video has it all. Tyga really leans into Mexican pop culture archetypes and looks very much like he’s having the time of his life doing so. It’s nice when rappers don’t take themselves so seriously. Tyga’s rhymes on the track, though, let you know that he hasn’t given himself completely to self-parody. Among the things prompting Bart Simpson’s signature exclamation throughout the song: a “big ol’ Glock on the hip,” a woman who “remind me of Tabasco,” and his Porsche when he “press on the turbo.”

Although he’s flown under the radar for a while now, the Compton-claiming rapper has become a pretty reliable supplier of worthwhile party raps, including “Run” with YG and BIA, “Freaky Deaky” with Doja Cat, and “Mrs. Bubblegum,” which has its own hilariously tongue-in-cheek video.

Watch Tyga’s “Ay Caramba” video above.