Tyler The Creator Just Discovered ‘Rush Hour 3’ And He Doesn’t Believe It’s Real: ‘Mandela Effect Or Something’

Tyler The Creator has been pretty busy for the past decade or so, going from teenage troublemaker to Grammy-winning superstar. Still, it’s kind of impressive that he was so busy that he completely missed the release of the third Rush Hour film in 2007 — and somehow forgot it exists for the 15 years since. A recent viewing of the first Rush Hour apparently brought it to his attention and not only was he floored by the discovery, he now refuses to watch Rush Hour 3, which he still doesn’t quite believe exists.

“So we watched rush hour two and i was bout to blurt out ‘sad they didnt get the third one in,’” he wrote on Instagram. “But before i could this f*cking popped up and i feel like im in a vortex. WHEN THE F*CK DID THIS MOVIE HAPPEN BROOD WHERE WAS I, I DO NOT REMEMBER THIS EXISTING
THIS IS FAKE, IVE BEEN LIED TO IM NOT GONNA WATCH IT EITHER.” T also took a screenshot from his Instagram Story and shared it on Twitter, writing, “i dont believe this is real mandela effect or something.”

Mandela effect refers to the phenomenon of false memories being shared by multiple people, but it’s unclear whether Tyler thinks it’s the Mandela effect that he wasn’t aware of the second Rush Hour sequel or that it actually exists. Can Netflix’s algorithm be tricked into proposing movies that no one’s ever seen? Pretty trippy, right? Now we’re all in a vortex. Meanwhile, maybe T really is better off skipping this one; Rush Hour 3 only holds a 17% on Rotten Tomatoes, although the audience score is a little over 60% (not really a great thing, in my experience). On the other hand, he might want to catch up; Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan have been teasing Rush Hour 4 for a little over three years.