Tyler The Creator Lands A Guest-Starring Role In ‘Big Mouth’ Season 6

Talk about a match made in heaven. Tyler The Creator, who is equally well-known for his unique growl of a voice as he is for his raunchy sophomoric sense of humor, has been cast in Netflix’s animated sitcom Big Mouth, which is also known for its outrageous, bawdy jokes. According to Entertainment Tonight, the boundary-pushing rapper is just one of a slew of guest stars in the upcoming sixth season of Big Mouth including Adam Levine (super bad timing, but sort of appropriate for a show featuring horny imaginary creatures), Brian Tyree Henry, and Steve-O of Jackass. Let’s just hope T is playing a Hormone Monster.

Tyler recently got a chance to show off that famed sense of trollish humor when his good friend ASAP Rocky needed help escaping his own mosh pit at Rolling Loud New York. As the video of the incident went viral — much to Rocky’s displeasure — Tyler did the thing all of our friends should do and roasted him mercilessly over it. First, he changed his profile pic on Instagram to Rocky’s distressed expression from the video, then he immortalized the moment on a birthday cake for their rap buddy Jasper Dolphin. Meanwhile, Tyler more recently announced that he’d be pushing back the return of his own music festival, Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, until next year.

Check out the season 6 Big Mouth trailer above.