Tyler The Creator’s Latest Golf Le Fleur Converse Are Out Now — And They Look Amazing

The partnership between Tyler The Creator and Converse has proven to be quite fruitful. In addition to the Golf Wang Chucks that sold out nearly instantly the day they dropped — and the customizable re-release from earlier this year — as well as the hilarious “Really Cool Converse Club” commercial that Tyler directed, the partnership has now spawned an entirely new shoe, the GLF 2.0, designed by Tyler. Rather than being an athletic shoe like the ones borne from other artist/brand collaborations, it’s a casual sneaker that’ll likely look just as good dressed up and dressed down.

There are currently two colorways of the new sneaker: Oil Green and Bison, and Curry and Copper Tan. The upper is canvas and suede, with fat laces, and a classic overall silhouette that gives off the same retro vibe Tyler’s been embracing since his Flower Boy era. They’re priced at just $110 and odds are, they’ll be gone before the day is out, but you can still try your luck at Converse.com. There’s almost no way there’s not a restock at some point.

Tyler’s Golf Le Fleur label has flourished this year, with the immensely busy rapper-producer-designer introducing both a line of nail polish and a line of luggage, which he introduced with a cheeky short film.