Underground Rap Mainstay Tame One Has Died At 52

New Jersey rapper and underground rap mainstay Tame One, born Rahem Brown, has died, according to NJ.com and several sources close to him. He was 52 years old.

Tame One rose to prominence in the late ’90s as a member of the trio Artifacts with El De Sensai and DJ Kaos, which held a place of high regard in the so-called backpack rap movement of the era. In addition, he was a prominent member of several other groups including The Weathermen, and released nine solo albums. Tame One was also an avid graffiti artist, paying homage to the artform with his music and distinctive Tame One tag.

According to a Facebook post from Darlene Brown Harris, Tame One’s mother, “The medical examiner says the six pharmaceutical drugs that Trinitas hospital prescribed to him last Friday, combined with the weed he smoked over this weekend…his heart simply gave out. I will not be responding to all the posts for a bit, but the hardest words I will ever post or say is, my son, my heart, is dead.”

Tame One trended on Twitter following the news of his death as rap peers and fans alike expressed their grief and dismay at his passing. It was clear that his influence was widespread and that he will be missed.