Video of Houston Crip FDA revealing that Mo3 killed 2 people at V Live right before he was murdered

Popular Houston Crip FDA recently did interview where he revealed that Mo3 actually killed two people at V Live right before he himself was murdered. FDA said “Mo3 died because a n**** was jealous ’cause he was f***** his b**** and I started playing it in my head,” FDA said before discussing men killing each other over women. “Mo3 was f****** that n**** b**** and was sangin’ in her ear and he found out about it and got the drop and killed that n****.”

FDA spoke out against men reacting “messy” and “emotional” before mentioning a shooting incident prior to Mo3’s death. After calling Mo3’s death “random,” he brought up a Houston shooting that the late rapper was allegedly involved in.

Full video FDA speaking on who Mo3 killed:

“Y’all knew Mo3 got shot at in Houston? He killed two people in Houston,” FDA said shortly after the 7:00 mark. “V Live, they tried to kill him at V Live. That’s a fact. Get a phone call. Me and my partner about to go see the n****. S***, 20 minutes go by…females say, ‘Y’all bet not pull up here.’ They said Mo3 went out like a G. They started shooting at him and he killed two across the street.”

even ABC13 reported on the shooting in September 2020, saying a rapper was shot at and shot back. However ABC13 never said the rappers name (Mo3).

Two of the men who were shot were V Live employees. One man was shot in the head, and the other person was struck in the neck. But, contrary to FDA’s story, the two men’s condition was listed as stable at the time. In addition, the two employees didn’t have a gun and were not involved in the shootout.

Since Mo3’s death, Devin Maurice Brown and Kewon Dontrell White have been arrested for their alleged roles in the murder. White faces up to 10 years in federal prison and Brown faces up to 20 years.