Video of Kwame Brown clapping back at Gilbert Arenas, Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson for calling him a bust

Matt Barnes & Stephen Jackson have one of the most popular podcast out with their “All The Smoke” podcast. Their latest episode had former NBA Star Gilbert Arenas. One of the topic’s they got on was when Gilbert was on the Washington Wizards and Kwame Brown was there. Gilbert said Kwame was one of the most talented players with potential he ever seen, but Michael Jordan bullied Kwame and everything mentally ruined his career. The video of course got back to Kwame Brown and Kwame went off, calling Matt Barnes “Becky with the good hair”. Check out the videos below and tell us what you think!

Gilbert dissing Kwame Fast Forward to 56 minute mark:

Kwame going on Arenas, Jackson and Barnes:

Kwame on IG going in on All the Smoke: