Video of Playboi Carti Getting Arrested for Speeding Surfaces

Footage of Playboi Carti being arrested in September of 2022 for driving over 130 miles per hour has surfaced.

Playboi Carti Arrest Footage Surfaces

On Tuesday (Jan. 9), YouTube channel Raq Rarest uploaded bodycam footage from an incident on Sept. 21, 2022, where Playboi Carti was pulled over for speeding. In the video, which can be seen below, the officer orders the rapper to turn off the car and stick his hands out of the window. After approaching the rapper’s car, the officer demands to know why Carti was driving over 130 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone.

“I’m rushing because I had an emergency,” Carti says.

“Bro, you were driving 133 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone,” the officer shoots back.

“It was an emergency,” Carti replies. “I got stuff going on with my family. I live in Buckhead, I’m trying to get somewhere.”

The officer is not trying to hear it and places Carti under arrest for speeding. After being placed in the back of the police cruiser, the rapper reveals he was trying to get to the airport. The officer does not believe his story and drives Carti to jail.

XXL has reached out to Playboi Carti’s attorney and the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office for comment.

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Playboi Carti Arrested Again Three Months Later

Playboi Carti was arrested three months following the speeding incident in December of 2022, for allegedly choking his then-pregnant girlfriend. The victim told police she and Carti got into an argument over the child’s paternity that turned violent, resulting in the rapper allegedly grabbing her by the throat and choking her. At the time, Carti’s attorney released a statement saying his client was “falsely accused.”

The new leaked arrest footage surfaces as Carti is preparing to release his new Music album.

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See video of Playboi Carti being arrested after getting pulled over for driving over 130 miles per hour in September of 2022 below.

Watch Bodycam Footage From Playboi Carti’s 2022 Arrest for Reckless Driving

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