Walk like a (Sand)man

“They call my place of birth the rotten apple
Where odds are long, the odds are better tryna win a raffle
Where every man’s a king, but when a king don’t have a castle
He feels more like a serf or like a vassal”

Homeboy Sandman – Radiator
(From his upcoming Still Champion album; 2022)

You know how I’m always saying that Homeboy Sandman is kinda like a Fondle Em Rammellzee? Radiator isn’t so much Beat Bop as Bang Clang. Some zensual-bap packed with grain of Sandman non-sequiturs which make more sense to me than most current N.Y rap. Old bean really said “it’s practically medieval, if you’re not interacting with my VEVO you’re basically reacting to placebo”!

Speaking of Sandman’s VEVO, Satellite just got blessed with a video which captures the song’s essence and puts a whole ‘nother spin on this is the way we walk in New York. Been a big fan of people walking around N.Y.C set to music ever since I first saw The Wanderers in the late 80s.

“What a mix
It can’t be recreated in a pic
It can’t be recreated in a flick
Or in a GIF
What you see is not as much as what you missed
But what a gift that what you see is what get”

Homeboy Sandman – Satellite
(From his upcoming Still Champion album; 2022)

Bonus beats: Homeboy Sandman 2022 Quinary Of Quality playlist.