Wanted dead or alive: Kryptonite by Big Scoob

Big Scoob – Kryptonite (instrumental)
(From Kryptonite 12″ single; 2000)

How come Big Scoob’s Kryptonite has only ever been uploaded onto t’nternet as the instrumental? Kryptonite is very much a You Had To Be There™ song: a Superman theme sampling indie single turnt Funkmaster Flex Tunnel Banger™ staple, and the rare example of a Westwood favourite which got love in Mr. Bongo by British backpackers who had their Jansports strapped too tight. As Scoob’s fellow Brooklynites Black Moon nearly said – who got the MP3?

Be rude to leave you without another Big Scoob song to step to, so here’s the lesser known U Got It. Scoob on some I Got It Made type shit over a certain Bobby Byrd break. U know the proto-Top Shelf 8/8/’88 steez.

Big Scoob – U Got It
(From U Got It single; 2002)