What Is Lil Yachty’s ‘Wock’ & Why Did He Take It To Poland?

After setting social media ablaze with his new song for “Poland” and the clever one-liner “I took the wock to Poland” last week, it seems fans finally have an answer to what Lil Yatchy‘s “wock” means.

According to Urban Dictionary, “wock” is slang for a cough syrup containing Promethazine and Codeine produced by the company Wockhardt. Typically, the drug is used recreationally, mixed with a soft drink, and is known for having sedative effects.

Yachty also released an accompanying visual with the song on October 7. As for why he specifically took the wock to Poland, of all countries, that remains unclear.

The song caused all types of chatter across Twitter, and among those reacting was the social media account for Ryanair, an airline based in Ireland, not Poland, that decided to jump in with the fun online.

“Why do people flying to Poland keep asking about wock,” the account tweeted.

This past summer, the rapper announced that he was launching a line of frozen pizzas at Walmart, along with starring in Paramount +’s new rap battle movie, On The Come Up. In a recent interview with People, the rapper talked about his frozen food brand, saying, “I’ve been pushing to make it a part of my brand since the beginning of my career. I recently got some new management that was able to really push and make it happen. It couldn’t have happened at a better time. The thing behind my love for pizza was, quite frankly, my mom worked two jobs. She was a very busy woman. She’d be pretty tired when she came home, and she just always brought home a pizza. We went and picked up a pizza or baked a pizza. It became pretty standard in our life, and I loved it.