When Did Willow Last Perform On ‘Saturday Night Live?’

Willow has been having a great year, one filled with attention-demanding songs with razor-sharp edges, such as her collaboration with Camila Cabello for “Psychofreak” or her crossover with PinkPantheress for “Where You Are.” Her new album COPINGMECHANISM arrives in just a few days, and she’s celebrating by performing on SNL for the second time this year.

The last time she was on SNL was in April with Camila Cabello, and they gave an iconic performance of “Psychofreak.” It was just announced that she’ll be a guest on the show again this Friday, Oct. 8, the day after her album release.

“I’m honestly really, really surprised that I’m going to be on SNL twice in one year, five months apart,” she said in an interview. “That’s crazy. I’m really excited. I’m nervous obviously, because being with Camila, a really, really good friend of mine, there’s that feeling of comfortability there where you can look across the stage and be like, ‘Girl, we’re in this together. We’re doing this.’ I’m not baring my soul alone on the stage. But now it’s going to be me baring my soul alone on the stage, and I’m just so grateful and so excited, but also sh*tting my pants, slightly.”