When Does Season 3 Of ‘I Think You Should Leave’ Come Out?


Tim Robinson has a good thing going: Every two years he drops six more episodes of I Think You Should Leave, his absurdist — and frequently shouty — Netflix sketch show. You never know what you’re going to get. A guy could obsess over too-easily-detachable steering wheels on cars. A bruncher could bust out messed-up social media posts. A prankster could suddenly tumble into existential dread while in a ridiculous costume. A sketch about a guy in a hot dog suit could, in our creatively awful timeline, become a way-too-endurable internet meme. It’s brilliant stuff, so when is there going to be more?

The answer: very soon. Netflix plans on dropping the next batch of I Think You Should Leave episodes on May 30. The streamer doesn’t do that thing that joints like Hulu or HBO Max (sorry: Max) do and parcel out episodes weekly. In about two weeks you’ll be able to plow through the next batch of Tim Robinon episodes, and it’ll probably take you less than three hours.

Like many, Uproxx has been obsessed with Robinson’s delightful show. We’ve even ranked the sketches from both seasons. You have plenty of time to revisit those episodes and those sketches, and it won’t even take you very long. But that’s a good thing: Quality is always preferable to quantity.