When Trugoy The Doves Fly

“Just as a reminder from the last step
Negative ones are lost in the footsteps”

Tell me what’s more frequent: the deaths of goldfish, wrestlers or rappers? Generalist music fans get sad about boomer singers from the 1960s and 1970s dying on the regular; try being a Rap fan where it seems like long-time favourites and promising young talents die every other week. And so we bid farewell to Dove from De La Soul as he hops aboard the Chattanooga choo choo to Rap Heaven. The biggest compliment you can pay a rapper like Dove is that he rhymed shit nobody else on Earth could or would have ever thought of saying. Dove had a problem… seriously: he was almost too good a fit for soulmate brother Plug One because his partnership in rhyme with Posdnous was the absolute gold standard for Rap duo chemistry during De La’s peak. I am I be a British bloke who’s been a fanatic of the DLS words since 1989 so their music really does Hit Different™ for me: they changed in speak what Rap could sound like, flipped the script on what rappers could look like, and inadvertently tapped into the spirit of Acid House’s second summer of love here in the U.K. Ain’t hip to be labelled a hippie, though, which is why peak De La were masters of reinvention which left square listeners lost like high school history.

Since so much of The Discourse™ around De La Soul in recent years has been little more than basic bastard Rap fans moaning about De La’s music not being on DSPs, here’s one of their best B-sides which you can only currently stream on my Audiomack page. Peace out, Plug Two – I hope Heaven got a buncha bitties in the B.K Lounge.

De La Soul – What’s More? (From Original Soundtrack “Hell On 1st Avenue”)
(From Me Myself & I 12″; 1989)