Who Does Troye Sivan Play On ‘The Idol?’


Sam Levinson’s latest episodic brainchild, The Idol, has sparked countless conversations from critics and viewers alike. The series chronicles the chaotic life of a budding music star Jocelyn (played by Lily-Rose Depp). Levinson kept the show’s ethos in mind during casting as The Weeknd landed a supporting lead role. But the “Popular” singer isn’t the only recording artist that appears in a scene.

Troye Sivan’s cameo in the second trailer made fans question who the “Mine” singer plays on The Idol. To answer the posed question, Sivan steps into the role of Caleb. The entertainer shares screen time with his fictional best friend, Depp’s character, in the role.

During an interview with Elle, Sivan opened up about working alongside Depp and witnessing her artistic input on The Idol. “There was not a single time where it was my close-up or someone else’s close-up, where she wasn’t behind the camera giving 1,000 percent after she’s just already given 1,000 percent on her coverage and knocked it out of the park,” he said in admiration for Depp’s work ethic. “She’s an incredible person to work with, so I feel very lucky to have her in my life,” said Sivan.

Later in the conversation, the singer discussed how his time in the industry has prepared him, saying, “I’ve got my day job of being a musician, and then when something exciting comes along that I’m interested in or that I feel challenged by, which is pretty much every acting thing ever, I’m so excited to throw my hat in the ring and see what happens without this stress and pressure.”

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