‘Yellowjackets’ Viewers Were Caught Off Guard By The Show Nailing One Character With The Perfect Song


By and large, the ladies of Yellowjackets are a fierce bunch. That’s only to be expected, given everything that they went through in the woods. And well, things are a lot less fierce for one character who didn’t endure that plane crash. That would be Jeff (Warren Cole), the husband to Shauna (Melanie Lynskey). Jeff recently found out that Shauna cheated on him, and due to complications, that lover is now dead. Shauna and three of her teammates got rid of the body during the first season finale, and now, the show embarks upon the second season premiere, and Jeff is not doing totally great.

During the course of this episode, Jeff and Shauna make a trip to the studio of her lover, who practically plastered the place with sensual portraits of her. They set about destroying that evidence, and after Shauna confesses her fantasies about Jeff cheating on her, they get it on in the studio. It’s intense. It’s probably humiliating for Jeff, too. He’s got a lot going on inside, and that’s what brings us to the perfect song selected for Jeff’s post-coital mindset.

That would be “Last Resort” by Papa Roach. You know the tune, no doubt.

“Cut my life into pieces / This is my last resort.”

Yes, it’s the “Driving Off Listening To Papa Roach” song once written about at length by our own Vince Mancini, who reminded the world of the spoofed “news” about ex-House Speaker Paul Ryan. Vince also detailed a similar situation to what Jeff is going through with these results:

Perhaps the “Last Resort” joke, at least in driving-off-listening-to-it form, sounds like a cuck’s lament precisely because it came from a cuckoldry story. How about that for cosmic symmetry? Cuck my life into pieces…

Where poor, cucked Jeff is concerned, he actually chose this tune. It made for a virtual record-scratch of an interlude, and he got his frustrations out while rocking out. Furiously so. He even got all “sweaty,” and this left people “snorting” and “screaming” on Twitter. One even wrote, “NOT LAST RESORT IM FUCKIGNSCRWAMINGGGJRJ.” A meme is reborn:

Showtime’s ‘Yellowjackets’ airs on Sunday nights.