YG Handed Out More Than $20,000 Worth Of His Block Runner Sneakers To Ex-Inmates In Los Angeles

The season of giving is still very much active in YG’s eyes. The rapper is just a few days removed from the release of his Block Runner shoes. The low snug sneakers are seated on a custom sole and feature red leather and a white-colored “The Flame” logo. The shoes were released at the price of $200, but a group of ex-inmates in Los Angeles received them for free thanks to the rapper as he handed out more than a hundred pairs on Friday. With the aforementioned price tag, this amounts to more than $20,000 worth of Block Runner sneakers.

According to TMZ, the rapper completed the deed with Mozzy on the date the two rappers released their joint album, Kommunity Service. The act occurred at LA’s Amity Foundation House and each person that received the pair of Block Runners is one that was entered the Foundation House in order to get back on their feet after being recently released from prison.

“Shoes is everything,” YG explained to TMZ. “Shoes is something you need. When you wake up, you going to leave the house, you gotta put on a pair of shoes and you know people love sneakers first of all. But for the homies that’s fresh out of prison from doing life sentences, they probably didn’t know they was gonna come home and they out and they tryna figure out life and do the right thing.” He added, So, I know for somebody with some status or celebrity [to] pull up and just gift them with anything, I know they appreciate it. It probably goes a long way. So, that’s all I wanted to do.”

You can watch a video of the rapper at the event here.