Yumo Slapamura

DB Tha General – Intro
(From Welcome To The Navy album; 2007)

Yumo Nakamura – Dang Dang
(From Dang Dang single; 1989)

What do you get if you cross DB Tha General’s classic album intro with Yuma Nakamura’s Japanese City-Pop hit Dang Dang? Seiji Oda donned his DJ hat and found out by blending both songs together on some Ron G type shit. World’s are colliding and, unlike George Costanza, I’m happy to find myself stuck in the middle.

DB Tha General – Intro (Seiji Oda’s City-Pop remix)
(From the internet; 2022)

Is Town-Pop the new wave for Bay Area Rap? Did Junko Yagami’s 1983 single Bay City accidentally predict such a crossover? I dunno, but Ezale would probably sound perfect over that shit.