Yung Gravy, Rich Brian, And Bbno$ Live Their Best Lives On Their New Song, ‘C’est La Vie’

Set in his braggadocious ways, Yung Gravy is joined by fellow party boys Rich Brian and Bbno$ on his latest single, “C’est La Vie.” The synth-and-drum-infused anthem features the three embracing a debaucherous lifestyle and sharing stories about their nights out fueled by drinking and sexcapades.

“B*tch, I’m 21 but I still walk around with fake ID / Cuddle with the homies watching Stand By Me / This d*ck ain’t free, baby, pay my fee / Let me live my life, baby, c’est la vie,” all three rap-sing on the chorus.

Gravy pops in on the first verse, rapping “Double cup, ain’t no lean / Only sip syrup when I’m with Chief Keef / Play clean, pipe Christine /I pipe correct, I’m so P.C.​”

Swooping in on the second verse is Brian. While Brian doesn’t drink, he is at the party in search of someone to take home.

“Gotta girl with me and we pop in the kitchen / D*ck all hard and my nuts on a mission,” he raps.

Far from shy, Bbno$ vouches for himself and his friends, rapping, “Pulled up on da booty, yeah we some pilots / I don’t know why we got huge privates / I guess we kind of blessed, I can’t complain about it.”

And these are perhaps the cleanest lyrics in the song.

Check out “C’est La Vie” above.

Rich Brian is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.