Zebra Katz haunts an abandoned hotel in 'MOOR' video

His debut album, LESS IS MOOR, is out now.

Zebra Katz has released the third single from his debut album, LESS IS MOOR. On ‘MOOR’, the multi-disciplinary artist and musician spits over an industrial hip-hop beat from Walter Gross and Sega Bodega.

For the video, Zebra Katz investigates an abandoned hotel in Palanga, Lithuania only to discover a doppelganger has got there first. The video follows the short film LOUSY / IN IN IN and the video for ‘ISH’.

LESS IS MOOR, which features appearances from Shygirl and S. Ruston, as well as production from Sega Bodega, Tony Quattro and Torus, is out now The Vinyl Factory.

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