Zico and Jennie’s New Song Hits the “SPOT!”


South Korean rapper and record-producer Zico has dropped “SPOT!,” his newest track in collaboration with BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

Since last week, Zico has been dropping teasers and behind-the-scenes in anticipation of the new song’s release. The teasers featured both Zico and Jennie working and vibing in the studio, offering fans an ear of the new track as well as the mood it entails.

Continuing on the theme, the music video for “SPOT!” opens up with Zico sitting by his workstation, diligently writing music while an instrumental version of the track plays over in the background. The camera then cuts to a close-up shot of Zico inserting a cassette tape into a stereo player. As he hit the play button, the label on the tape is revealed to be “SPOT!”

Rendered in a warm and nostalgic hue, the video evokes a fun yet chill vibe that befits the song’s laidback beat and rhythm. While the chorus is sung by Jennie, both artists provided singing and rapping parts that worked as harmonious and melodic conversations to the song.

Watch the official music video above. Zico and Jennie’s “SPOT!” is now available to stream on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

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