50 Cent Wants You To Vacation With Him In Malta With Fat Joe, Trina, And More

As the music festival space has filled up over the past couple of years, audiences may find themselves wondering what separates each new event from the ones before it. After all, there are only so many commercially viable acts, venues, and location-specific experiences that can be Frankensteined together. What little there is to recommend one fest over another often comes down to how the latter informs the rest. Knowing this, 50 Cent has pulled out all the stops for his own foray into the festival space, teaming up with Pollen for the Green Light Gang getaway experience in Malta.

pollen 50 cent malta

That’s right: Malta. The trip bills itself as more than just a music festival, although it certainly has that component, offering a four-day trip from September 22-26 with a plethora of activities for participants to indulge in besides the concerts. While the musical performances will certainly appeal to a certain kind of hip-hop fan with appearances by Akon, DJ Premier, Fat Joe, Jeremih, Remy Ma, and Trina, there will also be boat cruises, nightclubs, and a champagne brunch throughout the 20 participating resorts. 50 will also hold an outdoor cinema screening of Power, which would certainly be a different way to take in that particular entertainment offering.

There’s more information on Pollen’s website.