Chloe Has Decided On Her Next Single — With Some Help From Beyonce

Last month, Chloe asked her fans for help choosing her next single from one of three possible options. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like they were very helpful, more or less evenly splitting between “For The Night,” “Surprise,” and “Cheat Back” during the Instagram stream in which she played snippets of each. On the bright side, she had one more person she could turn to for help — someone who has been quite adept at choosing singles for herself over the years: Chloe’s mentor and label head, Beyonce, who chose “Surprise” as the next single.

In another video on Instagram, Chloe explained that despite receiving strong support for all of the options both in the informal stream and via a Twitter poll she posted afterward, “When the Queen speaks, the Queen speaks, and that’s all I’m gonna say and that’s all that matters to me.” While some fans weren’t super happy about their picks being overruled, the fact remains that Beyonce was the Recording Industry Association of America’s Top Certified Artist of the 2000s for a reason. In 2016, she became the first act in history to have six consecutive No.1 albums in the US, and she’s got 20-plus Platinum-certified singles to her name, so… yeah, good call, Chloe.

The single is set to drop sometime this month, although fittingly, Chloe is keeping the exact date a — you guessed it — surprise. She’s still working up to releasing her self-titled solo debut, but with “Have Mercy” and “Treat Me” already out, she’s off to a good start. Stay tuned!