A Barber Kicked A Customer Out Of His Chair After Quavo Walked In

Having a celebrity check out your business can be exciting, as was the case recently for Atlanta barbershop Diamond Cuts. It seems they bent over backwards to take care of Quavo when he recently came in for a cut, so much so that a barber actually kicked his current client out of his chair.

A video, filmed by the barber, shows Quavo and a couple of associates walking in. All the while, the barber tells his current client, “Hey! Lance! You got to go, Lance. You got to go, Lance [laughs].” The video is captioned, “What would you do if QUAVO Huncho walked into your barbershop? Get yo ass up, Lance, n do that dance.”

While it might seem rude of the barber to kick the original client out of the chair, it appears the two have a personal relationship beyond the barbershop and that they had an understanding about how this sort of situation would go down. In a comment on the post, Lance wrote (as XXL points out), “On the real me & Sef rock with each other not just as a barber/client. He always look out & I do the same. Like he said, he had already communicated with me.”

Still, the barber’s actions got some mixed reviews in the comments. One person wrote, “If there was communication and the customer is aware and understands..awesome sauce.” Another chimed in, “Unless he’s paying for my cut and double for his, i made a reservation like everyone else. Barber should honor who’s in the chair.”