Auscultation goes back in time to '70s New York in 'Flottant' video

Filmmaker Ben Shearn weaves together a video montage from 1970s footage of various outer New York burroughs.

Auscultation, the musical moniker of Portland producer Joel Shanahan, returns to 100% Silk with III, his first release for the label in four years.

Written during a challenging period in Shanahan’s life, the single ‘Flottant’ is, in his own words, “about feeling helpless and ashamed of my inability to fight off the worst version of myself.”

“One of the things I try to achieve with my music is to relay more than one emotion within a single chord progression or melody, or through subtle shifts in atmosphere”, he explains.

“On ‘Flottant’ this is very present, as the emotion is constantly reframed and recontextualized. Waves of despair, shame, and submission clash with glimmers of optimism and light—which reflects how I get through each day. With medication and therapy there’s definitely been improvement, but the battle continues.”

III arrives on May 8 and is available to pre-order now.

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