Tomat Petrella combine digital and analogue techniques on 'Tau Ceti E'

Filmmaker Camilla Soave draws together archive footage into a synapse-searing music video.

Tomat Petrella is the noisy avant-jazz duo made up of electronic artist Davide Tomat and world famous trombone player Gianluca Petrella. Originally coming together in 2014 when Tomat happened to hear Petrella playing a DJ set in a bar in Turin, the duo released their debut album, Kepler, back in 2018.

Taking Petrella’s trombone lines as raw material, David Tomat uses effects, processing and editing to transform his sound into densely layered electronic compositions. ‘Tau Ceti E’ is a standout track from their 2018 debut, bouncing industrial sound design off Petrella’s evocative playing.

Filmmaker Camilla Soave draws together archive footage of nature and old sci-fi movies into a synapse-searing visual accompaniment, synching the duo’s aggressive rhythms with choppy editing and arresting imagery.

Kepler is out now and is taken from Kepler, !K7 Records.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, artists need our support more than ever. You can support Tomat Petrella by buying their music from Bandcamp.

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