Bizarrap’s ‘BZRP Music Sessions #50’ Video Has Finally Arrived Featuring Argentine Rapper Duki

Bizarrap has finally released his highly-anticipated “BZRP Music Sessions #50” video. The Argentine producer teamed up with rapper Duki for his latest session that was released last night (November 16).

In 2019, Bizarrap launched the “BZRP Music Sessions” on YouTube, where artists spit rhymes or sing over his hip-hop beats with an electronic edge. This past year, his recent sessions have gone viral. In March, Puerto Rican rapper Residente used “BZRP Music Sessions #49” as a diss track against J Balvin. The video for that session has over 130 million views. Bizarrap achieved the biggest hit of his career with “BZRP Music Sessions #52” featuring Spanish singer Quevedo. In July, the song topped reached the top spot on Billboard‘s Global 200 chart.

Bizarrap notably held off from releasing “BZRP Music Sessions #50” and kept the collaboration a surprise up until last night. Instead of collaborating with more international artists, he kept it local by working with fellow Argentine act Duki. Duki is one of the leaders in Argentina’s Latin trap wave. Bizarrap backs him with triumphant trap beats as he raps about his come-up as an artist while proudly representing their country. “I accomplished my mission as a rapper / Bought my mom the house she wanted,” Duki sings in Spanish. “Session #50” feels like a victory lap for Bizarrap following his global success this year.

Bizarrap has yet to release “BZRP Music Sessions #42,” so it will be interesting to see who is featured on that track. When Bad Bunny‘s World’s Hottest Tour visited Argentina earlier this month, he brought out Duki as a special guest to perform their song “Hablamos Mañana” live.