Brockhampton Has Announced Their Final Show At The Fonda In LA

On the heels of their latest album, The Family and their final album, TM, Brockhampton has announced their final show. Their swan song will take place at The Fonda on Los Angeles this Saturday (November 19).

The band announced their final show today via social media, and informed fans that they could purchase tickets. As the tickets are expected to sell out quickly, and the fact that non-LA fans may not be able to attend, the band has also shared that the show will be available to stream on Twitch.

Last year, the group spoke about their final era to GQ, noting that while they are not ending on bad terms, they are looking forward to experiencing life outside of the group.

“…at a certain point, people deserve to give their lives to themselves,” said Romil Hemnani, a producer and DJ for the band. “So it feels like it’s time to let everyone just spread their wings and do the things that they want to do. Being in a group, I love it so much, but there’s also compromise. And I think everyone kind of deserves the shot to do what they want—no compromises.”

The Family is out now via Question Everything and RCA Records. Stream it here. TM arrives 11/18 via Question Everything and RCA Records.