‘BMF’ To Blowin’ Money Fast: No Reputation Is Built On What You’re Going To Do In The Season 2 Finale


(WARNING: Spoilers for this week’s BMF episode will be found below.)

Each week for the ‘BMF’ To Blowin’ Money Fast series, we’ve recapped each episode by looking at a few key things to see how they hurt Meech and Terry’s money-making goals and overall well-being. Each item was marked as a profit or a loss, the former keeping them in the black and the latter pushing them into the red. Now that the season is over, we’ll give a few major characters final markings based on the events that took place over the last ten episodes.

Meech and Terry finally have everything that they’ve desired and fought for with BMF. Their low-income days are long behind them as their business skills helped to make BMF a success long before they ventured outside of Detroit. They earned the respect of the city, whether it was by force or by fire — gunfire specifically that is. The Flenory brothers were eventually able to venture outward and set up bases in cities like Cleveland and Atlanta. They also found their own connect outside the country, in Colombia specifically, which would help them have a steady supply not only to sell to their normal clientele but to small organizations as well. As of episode nine in season two, all is well for the Flenory brothers, but it only lasted for so long.

For the season two finale of BMF, Meech and Terry are ready to take things to a new level with their business, but a few roadblocks and loose ends will need to be taken care of first. First, the Flenory brothers discover that Lamar killed Monique and Meech is dead set on seeking revenge. Meech and Terry also figure out a way to get B-Mickie’s gun out of Detective Bryant’s possession, but when the detective’s son Kevin gets ahold of it, things take a turn for the worst on both sides. Nonetheless, the episode ends with Meech deciding to move to Atlanta to continue the expansion of the BMF empire. With that, Terry will remain in Detroit and be in charge of the operation there. Elsewhere, Lucille grows more distant and angry with Charles despite his attempts to make things right, Terry finds himself in some trouble with the ladies in his life, and Lamar’s time may have come to an end in BMF.



In terms of where BMF started and where they ended in season two, Meech should receive most of the credit for the group’s success based on the events depicted in season two of the show. He united the former 50 Boyz with the 12 Street Boys to create BMF. He convinced the city’s top connect K-9 to work with the group and give them product. He ventured out to Atlanta and made sure to return a new supply of cocaine when things got bad in Detroit. Meech earned the group a major connect with the cartel in Colombia, a move that made them the top dogs in Detroit while also giving them the ammo to expand. The season two finale of BMF ties a few loose ends by setting up Detective Bryant to take the fall for the gun he’s been holding over B-Mickie’s head as he used it to kill Jay Mo and Kato. Meech also takes care of Lamar once and for all, but not in the way we expected. So as Meech rides off into the sunset to take on Atlanta and make BMF a name to remember in that city, he leaves Detroit knowing that he accomplished everything — and then some — in regard to his dreams as a hustler and businessman. Still, the grind doesn’t stop.



Talk about a lack of contributions this season. Charles has done nothing, but stress out his family — and I mean every single one of them. In season one, his actions were more warranted as he simply wanted his children, Meech and Terry, to stay out of the streets and rather than risk death. However, this season Charles was nothing more than a nuisance, that again, stressed everyone out. He was a bad business partner to Terry with the Flenory Car Ride Service by refusing to listen to Terry’s great ideas for the company. So much so, that Terry eventually concluded that life in the streets brought him more peace of mind, and money of course, than dealing with his father to such a close capacity. As if that wasn’t enough, Charles also cheated on Lucille with Mabel, a woman from their church. With that, Lucille is considering a divorce, regardless of her decision on that, she wants nothing to do with him at the moment. Furthermore, Nicole has a completely new perspective of her father, one that makes her doubt that there can be any good in love. The only good things that Charles did this season occurred when he gave money to Meech and Terry before they fled to Atlanta and when he grilled food for Meech’s going away party. I may be missing a thing or two, but the point is, it’s not a long list.



Terry’s progression through season two of BMF was a bit of a journey. He started as a man fully committed to being a law-abiding citizen through the Flenory Car Ride Service with his father. However, by the end of season two, he was back in his role as the brains of BMF. Terry really tried to stay out of the streets, but with a combination of his nagging father, Meech being shot, and a desire for a more flashy and profitable lifestyle, Terry eventually convinced himself that rejoining BMF was exactly what he wanted and needed in his life to feel fulfilled. His impact on the group was felt immediately. Terry helped seal the deal between BMF and their new Colombian connect while also being a second enforcer to the group to make sure things stayed afloat. Though he had his own fair share of errors, like getting Denise arrested with their product and almost having him, Meech, and others arrested, Terry was and still remains an extremely valuable asset to the group — which we knew already. Now, his value will go up as he’s left in charge of things in Detroit, and Meech ventures to Atlanta to set up shop.



We all had the feeling that things weren’t going to end well for B-Mickie at some point this season. For most of season two, B-Mickie played the role of an involuntary informant to Detective Bryant who found the gun he used to kill Jay Mo and Kato. With Bryant hanging a double murder over his head, B-Mickie was forced to give Bryant information on BMF, Meech specifically, to hopefully avoid jail time. Eventually, Bryant bit off more than he could chew, and we saw in the season finale, Meech and the rest of BMF put together a plan to finally get that gun out of Bryant’s possession. It’s a solid plan, but a move from Bryant’s son Kevin throws a wrench in the plan. Though, it seemed like B-Mickie was finally in the good graces of BMF, especially members of the group who found him untrustworthy due to his work with Bryant. However, after Sterling spots an interaction between B-Mickie and Detective Jin, he reports it to Meech and frames it as if B-Mickie is still working with the police. Little do they know that B-Mickie just told Jin to kick rocks after she tried to convince him to turn himself in for the double murders. That’s just it though, BMF doesn’t know that this is the case. So in his final move, Meech tells B-Mickie that he’s “dead” to him and that he’s no longer a part of BMF. As we head into season three, the hope is that B-Mickie doesn’t take out his frustration by giving Bryant and Jin the info they want.



At long last, Lamar is a problem of the past — we hope he is at least. All season, Meech and Terry searched up and down for ways and opportunities to take out Lamar, but they struggled to complete the mission. On the flip side, Lamar seemed to have an easy time tormenting and wreaking havoc on the Flenory brothers. Lamar shot Meech and nearly killed him in an ambush at the hospital shortly after. He almost attacked the boys once again before they escaped to Atlanta and he also made a surprise and scary visit to Lucille while Meech and Terry were gone. However, when he killed Monique that proved to be the last straw for Meech. He finally tracks Lamar down and though he approaches him with a gun, he opts to give him a slow death by forcing him to smoke a crack rock that is much more damaging and addictive that anything Lamar has experienced. As season two comes to a close, we see a strung-out Lamar under a city bridge on the search for more of that drug. Maybe this needed to be done to permanently eliminate Lamar as a danger. However, if a gunshot failed to accomplish this at the end of season one, I’m not too confident that this is the solution. We’ll just have to wait until season three to see if that’s the case.

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